When you already have pre-existing floor, instead of installing a whole new floor, you can sand and refinish what you already have. This is much more cost effective. It is just as easy to breathe new life into your already existing floor as it is to install a new one.

Typically you can salvage what is already there but, sometimes a few boards need to be replaced in order to keep the look consistent. If there are certain areas that need to be replaced, feathering is required. This is where the old floor is staggered with the new floor, making it a smooth transition if whole areas need to be replaced.

Refinishing Hardwood Floor Refinishing Hardwood Floor Refinishing Hardwood Floor

Step 1: Usually we hang protective plastic to protect other areas from dust. Start sanding, using 2-3 different grits of paper to achieve a good surface. Filling all cracks and holes between sanding.

Step 2: Color samples are made from a clear natural finish to custom color stain mixed, sometimes using color dyes to achieve that deep rich appearance

Step 3: Then the three finish are applied with a foam applicator, with light sanding between coats to achieve beautiful looking floor.