About Us

Kenny Brader, CEO and founder of K.B’s Hardwood Floors, started working in the flooring business over 30 years ago.  With a tremendous amount of passion and drive, Kenny started K.B.’s Hardwood floors at the young age of nineteen.  Since then, his business has grown to reach clients from all over Southern California stretching from San Diego to Santa Barbara.  K.B.’s Hardwood Floors is dedicated to customer service and a quality product.  The investment, in which a customer makes, is always carried out with the utmost respect and professional manner.

K.B.’s Hardwood Floors thrives on a 95% referral client base, which attests to the quality customer service and outstanding results of our company.  There is no job too small whether it is one bedroom or, a 10,000 square foot home.  Although K.B.’s specializes in custom  homes, the same amount of detail and quality care is given to even the smallest of jobs.

Luxe Magazine Interrior Design

Each home has a different feel and look, specific to its owner.  K.B.’s is dedicated to customizing a look that fits the customer’s needs as well as, the integrity of the home.  Given the stellar reputation, K.B.’s work has been published in numerous magazines including, Interior Design and LUXE.

Investing in hardwood floors is not only a great aesthetic addition to a home but, it is also a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When living in a carpeted home you are susceptible to breathing carpet mites and heavy dust. Hardwood is great way to eliminate that all together. Not mention, owning hardwood makes life easier when cleaning up spills, pet accidents, and other liquids.