Buying Materials Only?

Some customers choose to purchase the wood only.  This is because they decide to install it themselves or have someone else to do it.  If you would like to order materials and wood  flooring through K.B.’s we can help you pick out the right choice.  Picking a style that’s affordable and right for you is a big decision, so let us help you become more knowledgeable about purchasing wood directly from us.

For more information about purchasing wood and materials from us contact:

Our Vendors

At KB's Hardwood Floors, we are committed to offer a wide selection of hardwood material from best known vendors. Please call for an appointment to visit our showroom conveniently located in the heart of Orange County. You can also get more familiar with different options by clicking on the following links.

Lauzon   Karhs
Anderson Mirage Tragren
Provenza   Natural Cork